Marine engines

For those who want high performance, for those who are looking for reliability, for those who always want the best. Caterpillar is a world-leading manufacturer of commercial propulsion engines, high-performance propulsion engines, marine generators, and auxiliary engines.

Caterpillar products stand out for their efficiency, reliability, and power. At the core of Caterpillar engine manufacturing is listening to customers and insiders, which is why we pay special attention to:

  1. the operating time of the engines, as well as their resistance, essential to ensure a safe, effective and efficient product;
  2. high efficiency of consumption;
  3. simple and practical maintenance, with longer service intervals;
  4. constant assistance and support to meet the most particular customization needs.

Caterpillar is particularly focused on the production of medium- and high-speed engines that meet global emission standards while delivering the highest performance.

Propulsion Engines

Caterpillar offers a wide range of medium and high-speed propulsion engines to meet your needs, always focusing on the power, reliability and efficiency of every single element that makes up its engines. With Caterpillar propulsion engines, you get a high-productivity product with minimal financial investment.


Designed to withstand even the most challenging conditions. Designed to make you feel safe. Designed for increased efficiency. Cat marine generators are equipped with a reliable and functional system, able to withstand and offer excellent performance even in the most extreme conditions. They are easily distinguished by their proven design and the use of the latest technologies with which they are produced. These include advanced control, which ensures more power and greater efficiency, while offering enhanced monitoring.

Auxiliary Engines

The importance of auxiliary motors lies in the fact that they are used as a replacement for the main engine in the event of its failure. According to current legislation, an engine is considered auxiliary when:

  1. is installed overboard;
  2. its power does not exceed 20% of the power of the main engine, especially if it has a certificate of use.

All Cat® auxiliary marine engines come with a certificate of use and are ideal for applications with a single generator group that require a customized approach. They are designed and suitable especially for use with electrically driven pumps, winches, conveyor belts and tugs.