Marex Aventics

Command system

Mooring has never been easier thanks to Emerson Aventics electronic control systems.

The reason these systems are chosen by the world’s leading engine manufacturers is because of their safety, flexibility, and ease of use.

Much of the Italian shipbuilding industry relies on them and their great functionality, as they can control every type of propulsion system: from those with fixed pitch propeller and reversing gear, to those with variable pitch propeller, hybrid or hydro jet, both for applications on Motor Yachts from 40′ to 200′, both for applications on commercial and military boats.

Thanks to them you will be facilitated in every manoeuvre and our team here at Miveme will support you to make everything even easier.

We are an importer in Italy of the electronic control systems produced by Aventics Rexroth Pneumatics, in particular of:

  • Marex ECS
  • Marex OS III
  • Marex OS3D

With experience, speed, and professionalism, we will provide you with all the assistance you need to make these exceptional control systems even more secure, functional and suitable for your needs.

Marex ECS

Imagine that you can manage all the adjustments of your boat via your smartphone, tablet, or laptop.

Imagine controlling easily and with reduced efforts your yacht.

Imagine having one of the most innovative control systems on the market: all this is possible thanks to the Marex ECS electronic control system.

A state-of-the-art control system, perfect for any type of boat, whose technology reduces installation effort and simplifies the user experience. CAN bus technology, used to easily control single or double diesel engine applications from up to four control stations, is one of the main advantages of the Marex ECS control system Its design is attractive and innovative, its interface, with keyboard icons, ensures modern and intuitive operation.

Available in 2 versions

With chromed metal lever
high solution design

Black version, made with high-end synthetic materials, to point to the essential

Strong points

User Experience

The high technology with which Marex ECS control system was created allows a simple use by the user who has at his disposal:


  • Plug-In ready components, allowing faster wiring installation
  • Colour coded wiring, which facilitates installation and helps avoid errors
  • Smart auto configuration to be used both when starting the system and when replacing components
  • The fine adjustment via WiFi
  • An intuitive operation


Marex Link functionality allows you to change system settings via smartphone, tablet or laptop, without using additional software or hardware adapters. You will also be able to view help messages through a help menu. Finally, the Marex ECS control system is equipped with an illuminated staircase that will guide you through the various naval operations.



At the base of the Marex Aventics there are 70 years of reliability and experience that translate into highly safe, effective, and efficient products.

The Marex ECS model meets the highest standards of production and quality and has been developed in accordance with all relevant directives for the maritime industry, including:


  • The EU Directive 2013/53/EU
  • IACS E10
  • ABYC-P24


Marex ECS hardware has been built based on proven automotive applications, so it is the result of years of experience and technology, such as CAN bus, which allows reliable communication between components.

To ensure that the engine is always running in any situation is the integrated protection against stall.


All Emerson Marex Aventics products are designed with the future in mind.

Among the essential features that enable constant sustainability are over one million lever drives, resource efficiency and a long service life.

This will bring immense benefits to your ship: longer engine and gearbox life and reduced fuel consumption and emissions.

Marex 3D

Easier, more precise, and safer manoeuvres thanks to the Marex 3D 3-axis controller.

Just rotate or push it to steer your ship in any direction, in a totally intuitive way.

Its intelligent control allows you to coordinate drives, maintain direction and compensate for yaw caused by wind or current.

If necessary, the direction can also be changed by simply turning the top of the joystick.

It is designed for use on yachts, speedboats and pleasure boats of any size and ensures the ability to integrate up to 6 joystick stations.

It is compatible and therefore can be installed with conventional axis lines, applications with fixed pitch propellers combined with ON/OFF and proportional thrusters.


The ease of manoeuvre is the basis of the Marex 3D controller: just press a button to keep the direction and position of your boat, features that will be very useful during fishing or waiting at the water gates. As regards engines and thrusters, they may be controlled separately in the propulsion mode. In this case the joystick only drives the engines, while the motors are controlled thanks to the control head.

Comfort and Precision: the advantages of the Marex 3D Controller


The Marex 3D controller is equipped with exceptional precision, especially thanks to the specific adjustment of the ship and a calculation that considers the angle of yaw.

The manoeuvre is so simple that it is not necessary to operate the steering wheel and the control levers simultaneously.

The intuitive control instead is made possible thanks to the fact that the ship follows the movement of the joystick with maximum precision.

This also saves costs and space for the additional control elements for the transverse engines that will no longer be needed, as this control system provides many integrated options.

The Marex 3D control system has been developed and certified according to IACS guidelines and is therefore safe thanks to its classification.

Ease of installation is another advantage of this model: thanks to them less work for its installation and commissioning will be needed.



The Marex 3D control system is equipped with an ergonomic design conforming to the class for internal and external control panels.

Its ergonomic shape makes it at the same time functional and perfect to be used with your fingertips, allowing a simple, safe, and effortless handling.

The integrated design also minimizes installation time and effort. A more streamlined version, suitable for applications without waiting mode, is also available.

Functions of Dynamic Positioning

Heading Hold

Thanks to this feature you can freely enjoy the view of the sunset or the coast, the Marex 3D controller will keep the direction of your boat.

3D Hold

This feature will allow you to maintain the direction and position of the ship with perfect precision while waiting at the water doors or in the narrow entrances of the ports, there will be no longer need to steer manually!

Virtual anchor

This mode will allow you to keep the ship within a well-defined circle while finding the most comfortable and suitable direction for its route. In addition, this control system, driving the engines intelligently, allows you to minimize fuel consumption and noise.

The controller


The controller is the flagship of the Marex 3D system, the real heart that processes commands and performs the vector calculations necessary for engine and engine control, as well as providing interfaces for all standard engines on the market.



To make the best use of the DPS controller, it is advisable to use some accessories. These include an electronic compass, which provides vessel position data, a DP controller that facilitates the operation of the holding position and virtual anchoring modes.



Flexibility is the main feature of the Marex 3D control system, as it represents a solution for ships of all sizes and can be integrated with up to 6 joystick stations. It is a perfect solution as it adapts to all existing Marex control systems.

Simple and retrofit integrations


The Marex 3D joystick is a simple and ideal solution for ships of all sizes.

It is particularly suitable for vessels with conventional axle lines and fixed pitch propellers, diesel engines, including trolling boats and hybrid and electric drives.

It has interfaces for all common ON/OFF and proportional, electrical (DC/AC) or hydraulic, digital/analog/CAN (NMEA2000) drives.

It will be very easy to install it on ships thanks to the Aventics ™ remote control

Marex OS III

Safe, flexible, reliable: Marex OS III control system is the best Marex Aventics product thanks to its incredible functionality and easy adaptability.

It is not by chance that it is one of the control systems preferred by Italian shipbuilding, being used both for applications on Motor Yachts from 40′ to 200′, and for applications on commercial and military boats.

It is suitable for any type of propulsion system (from those with fixed pitch propeller and gear inverter, to those with variable pitch propeller, hydro jet or Voith).

The extraordinary characteristics of this control system are visible regardless of the propulsion system on which it is applied.

Among its main features there are:


  • its adaptability for inline applications with fixed pitch propellers
  • the design of the modular system with its multiple options
  • the wide choice of function blocks
  • the possibility of having separate networks for each kinematic chain
  • the possibility to have up to 6 control stations
  • the possibility of having different designs available from the control head including the follow-up option
  • the adaptability of the control devices, also suitable for outdoor use
  • the possibility of having class approved components
  • Joystick functionality and dynamic positioning option


The integrated functions, instead, provide:


  • engine control, speed curves and engine stall protection
  • gearing and reversing curves
  • PTO and PTI, Trolling and Slip & Grip control
  • a wide range of hybrid propulsion solutions
  • the shaft brake control
  • an internal PLC software to add special functions
  • a standard interface for DP, Autopilot and VDR systems



In addition of being aesthetically beautiful, Marex OS III control system provides an ergonomic and functional design, designed to convey to the user a feeling of reliability and safety.

Thanks to some indication and warning functions you will always be informed about its safety status.

Reliability is guaranteed by the fact that the product has been tested and tested on numerous marine applications, thus meeting all the requirements of the major classification societies.



The modular architecture system and the system for standards and customized applications that Marex OS III is equipped with allows it to be extremely flexible and compatible on numerous solutions.

Intelligent adjustment options are fundamental to contribute to a longer service life of engines and transmissions and ensure efficient and environmentally friendly operation.

The flexibility of the control system is also evident in the fact that its interface is easily connected to all common marine engines and transmissions. Interfaces to DP, autopilot or VDR systems are available.