About Us


Miveme s.r.l. was born from the resourcefulness of Enrico Merola in 1993, when, after a long experience in North America, he decided to embark in Italy on an entrepreneurial path with the Motor as a reference point in its various applications. The experience accumulated over the years, the skills and knowledge acquired have helped to keep alive his passion for mechanics that is handed down from father to son. Today Miveme operates in the areas of ship repairs and energy and its main interest is to offer to the customers, selected and competent, the supply of spare parts, ordinary and extraordinary maintenance, the installation and sale of new and used/overhauled marine engines and marine and industrial generators.

Our strengths


We offer our customers continuous technical assistance: the interventions are carried out by a qualified and professional staff using specialized equipment. Our technicians are highly trained and continuously participate in refresher courses, both internal and external to the company. This allows you to perform targeted interventions, solve problems effectively and meet the demands of the most demanding customers. We are currently engaged in collaborations with the most prestigious manufacturers in the field of naval motorsport.



Our goal is to continue to focus on the professionalism and quality of services offered to consolidate the relationship with our customers, based on transparency and their maximum satisfaction. To this end, investment in innovation and technology remains one of our firm points.