Marine engines

Traveling across the sea can be a passion and a desire but, in some cases, also a need.

From the leisure of those who want to take a break from everyday life and surrender to the charm of the sea to the work of those who ride the waves of the sea every day.

To make this possible, MAN Marine offers a wide range of engines that are distinguished by both high-power development (even in the low speed range) and extremely low fuel consumption (from yachts to commercial sea transport vessels).

MAN has been a revolution for maritime technology for many years with its innovative proposals, such as dual fuel and gas, exhaust after-treatment and battery hybrid solutions. At Miveme we are an authorized dealer and workshop for the resale and technical assistance of MAN engines.

Why Choose MAN


MAN presents a wide selection of powerful and compact high-speed marine engines with a solid and streamlined design.

Why choosing Man?

  • Ensures the best fuel consumption values, minimizing TCO
  • Offers powerful and constant acceleration, ensuring low acoustics and low vibrations
  • It guarantees cutting-edge technology for exclusive design


As much as regards the areas of competence, mainly, MAN develops engines for three categories:


  • Yachts (luxury) and sport fishing boats
  • Commercial sea transport vessels
  • Auxiliary Engines

If you are looking for (luxury) yacht engines and pleasure boats, high-speed diesel drives from 537 kW to 1,471 kW (730 HP to 2,000 HP) are definitely for you.

Energy efficiency and compactness are certainly the strengths of V-motors in the power range from 735 kW to 1,471 kW (from 1,000 CV to 2,000 CV).

These motors can also be applied for sport fishing boats.

If you are looking for commercial shipping engines for shipping, MAN offers a wide range of high-speed four-stroke diesel engines, offering solutions for heavy, medium-heavy and light duty operation, depending on your transport needs.

For example, tugs and other working vessels with unlimited operating hours and operation at full load up to 100% fall into the heavy category (Heavy).

For these needs, MAN offers a range of engines from 147 kW to 735 kW (200 hp up to 1,000 hp) The medium-heavy operation (Medium) instead includes engines ranging from 412 kW to 1,066 kW (560 hp to 1,450 hp) and is suitable for ferries, passenger vessels and fishing vessels or vessels reaching up to 4,000 hours per year at 50% full load.

For light operation (Light), indicated up to 1,000 hours per year at 20% full load, such as escorts, ambulances and police boats, finally, MAN provides efficient engines at 6, 8 and 12 cylinders from 537 kW to 1,397 kW (from 730 CV to 1,900 CV).

Here below you see a complete list of the fields of application of MAN engines for commercial shipping:


  • Ferries
  • Wind Farm Service Ships (WSV)
  • Barges
  • Passenger ships and pilots
  • Lifeboats and patrol boats
  • Tugs
  • Dredges
  • Trawlers and fishing vessels
  • Charter yacht

Distinction between Heavy, Medium and Light Duty


ZF Marine provides transmissions (reverse, non-reverse and hybrid), propellers, thrusters, guidance systems and electronic control systems for a complete set of applications with a power range from 10 to 12,000 kilowatts in commercial and fast vessels, pleasure boats and yachts. As mentioned above, MAN provides light, medium and heavy-duty engines for commercial shipping depending on your needs.

Light Duty


Lightweight operation ranges from 730 to 1,900 hp, and for this range, MAN engines combine dynamics and maximum economic efficiency. Thanks to their revolutionary and innovative technology, all light duty engines comply with emission guidelines; this makes them particularly suitable for patrol boats, rescue boats at sea and coast guard boats. In particular, engines that meet the following requirements are used for light operation:

  • Annual operating hours: ≤ 1000
  • Percentage of full time load: ≤ 20%
  • Average load application: ≤ 50%


Typical applications:


  • Seasonal fishing
  • Escort motorboats and patrol boats
  • Ambulance boats
  • Police boats

Medium Duty


The average operation, however, concerns engines ranging from 560 to 1,400 hp. These are fuel efficient and are recommended for escort boats, pilot boats, deep-sea patrol boats, fishing boats, ferries, and passenger ships. They are durable and have a long service life. In addition, life cycle costs are low and low, thanks to a fast and efficient worldwide service network.

Medium-functioning engines are used for:


  • Spare boats and pilot boats
  • Fishing boats
  • Passenger ships and ferries
  • Marine patrol boat

Heavy Duty


Finally, for heavy duty operation (367-1,000 hp) MAN marine engines provide powerful acceleration and high traction force. They are efficient and reliable, particularly in freight and passenger transport, for trawlers, tugs and thrust boats. They are ideal for boats that need power and torque for continuous and long-lasting intervals.

Here you see their features:

  • Annual operating hours: unlimited
  • Percentage of full time load: 100%
  • Average of Application of average load: 100%

Heavy duty engines are used for:

  • Trawlers
  • Tugs and Push boats
  • Barges and Merchant Ships
  • Ferries
  • Dredges