D2862 LE476 Light Duty (V12 – 1900 EPA T3)

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Product Specifications


Cylinders: V12

Displacement: 24.24 litres

Power: 1.397 kW (1.900 CV)

RPM: 2.300

Maximum Torque: 6220 Nm

Fuel Injection: Common Rail

Emissions: IMO Tier II, RCD 2013/53/EC, RCD 94/25/EC, EPA Tier 3 recreational, 97/68/EC


The V12-1900 is a high-speed, four-stroke, V-twelve-cylinder diesel engine rated at 1,397 kW (1,900 hp), making it ideal for use on luxury yachts up to over 100 feet.

Its light and compact dimensions, typical of MAN engines, allow for simple and quick on-board installation.

Its acceleration is balanced, smooth and constant and this affects driving comfort, which becomes very pleasant.

Technical Features

Model LE 476
Engine displacement l 24.24
Maximum power according to DIN ISO 3046-1 kW (HP) 1.397 (1.900)
at speeds 2.300
Maximum torque Nm 6.220
at speeds 1.200 – 2.100
Lowest specific fuel consumption 1 g/kWh 200
Exhaust gas after-treatment
Exhaust gas status IMO Tier II, RCD 2013/53/EC, RCD 94/25/EC, EPA Tier 3 recreational, 97/68/EC


1: Tolerance +5% according to DIN ISO 3046-1

2: For private use only


  • Cylinders and arrangement: 12 cylinders with a 90° V arrangement
  • Mode of operation: 4-stroke diesel engine, water-cooled.
  • Turbocharger: Turbocharger with charge air intercooler and waste gate (1 stage: D2862 LE 446/426: 2 stages: D2862 LE 456/436/476)
  • Number of valves: 4 valves per cylinder
  • Fuel system: Electronically controlled common rail direct injection
  • Engine lubrication: Closed system with forced feeding, oil cooling and filtering
  • Cooling type: Plate heat exchanger, seawater cooled
  • Engine control: Electronic injection control (EDC) – Electronic engine monitoring including diagnostic unit
  • Fuel: DIN EN 590

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