3512E EPA Tier 4 Final

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Key Specifications


Power range

1.341-2.549 bhp (1.000-1.765 bkW)

Speed range

1.600-1.800 rpm


U.S. emissions standards EPA Tier 4, IMO III

The 3512E marine propulsion engine is available in a wide range of ratings that meet U.S. emissions standards. EPA Tier 4 Final and IMO III for marine engines.

To make this possible by committing to meet and comply with EPA Tier 4 and IMO III emissions standards, Caterpillar Marine has introduced an innovative solution that optimizes performance while meeting emissions standards.

The combination of Caterpillar's fuel-optimized engine and Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) treatment system is the best solution for you who, in addition to reducing NOx emissions, also want to reduce ownership costs and of exercise.

Why Choosing It



The 3512E EPA Tier 4 Final model was designed to meet emissions standards and this is also made possible thanks to SCR technology which ensures compliance with U.S. emissions standards. EPA Tier 4 Final, reducing operating costs; Complies with IMO III emission standards.


Closed loop DEF dosing control strategy with pneumatic assistance


To reduce operating costs, extend the life of the emissions treatment system, ensure compliance with standards and flexibility in urea quality for the 3512E EPA Tier 4 Final engine, Caterpillar has focused on maximum efficiency of mixing and control.


Advanced engine combustion design


Maximum engine efficiency is also made possible thanks to the advanced engine design that uses optimal cylinder configurations and geometries.

Better control of fuel injection


Thanks to the crankshaft timing and the state-of-the-art A5 ECM technology, better control of fuel injection is guaranteed.


Better fuel delivery


Optimal injector nozzle geometry and electronic injection control for improved fuel delivery.

Increased engine life and duty cycle capacity


To increase the capacity of the engine working cycle, reinforced cylinder heads and valves have been designed which ensure greater durability and maximum pressure capacity of the cylinders.


Caterpillar warranty


Industry-leading warranty coverage for factory-assembled components.


Global Dealer Network


Anywhere, anytime, our extensive global dealer network is ready to offer support.

Technical Features



Power range 1.341-2.549 bhp (1.000-1.765 bkW)



Speed range 1.600-1.800 rpm
Emissions U.S. emissions standards EPA Tier 4, IMO III
Aspiration TTA
Bore 170 mm
Stroke 215 mm
Displacement 58.6 l
Rotation from the flywheel side side Anticlockwise
Configuration 4-stroke diesel configuration, V 12



Minimum dry weight 8176 kg
Minimum length 2624 mm
Maximum length 2624 mm
Minimum height 2335 mm
Maximum height 2335 mm
Minimum width 1808 mm
Maximum width 2081 mm

Standard Equipment

The engine includes standard equipment, already included in the purchase package. They are:



  • Aftercooler core with separate circuit, with corrosion-resistant coating (air side)


  • 3500C Engines:


  • Fuel delivery pump
  • Electronically controlled unit injectors


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