Key Specifications


Power range

400 bhp – 500 bhp (298 bkW – 373 bkW)

Speed range

2.900 rpm


IMO II, U.S. EPA Tier 3, RCD II, Cina II

Suitable for pleasure craft, particularly small boats and 25–60-feet motor yachts, the C7.1 marine propulsion engine features a common rail fuel system that allows optimal combustion and reduced emissions.

The silence of the engines and the reduced combustion process noise, thanks to the advanced electronic control, is one of the strong points of the C7.1 marine propulsion engine. Another great advantage is the fact that the C7.1 engines do not emit visible smoke during operation.

Why Choosing It

Reliability and durability


Superior response time and acceleration for improved handling and safety; grid heater to facilitate engine starting at low temperatures; electrical advantages with 12 V or 24 V electrical system; highest paint quality standard.


Easy to use


Compatible with Cat® Displays to monitor all vessel operations; optional engine-mounted display panel with engine start, stop and diagnostics; single point of access to simplify maintenance; wiring with woven cover for a more pleasant appearance of the components subject to maintenance; provision for gplink for remote monitoring.


Respect for the environment


No visible smoke at start-up or during operation; common rail fuel system for optimal combustion and low emission levels; lower combustion noise thanks to advanced electronic control; closed crankcase ventilation system for better engine room cleaning; electronically controlled supercharger for industry-leading torque and throttle response at low speeds, while maintaining fuel efficiency at higher speeds.

Technical Features



Power range 400 bhp – 500 bhp (298 bkW – 373 bkW)



Speed range 2.900 rpm
Emissions IMO II, U.S. EPA Tier 3, RCD II, Cina II
Rotation from the flywheel side side Anti-clockwise
Hole 105 mm
Stroke 135 mm
Aspiration With turbocharger and aftercooler
Displacement 7.01 L
Configuration Diesel, 4-stroke, and 6-cylinder in line



Width – Engine 798 mm
Height 876 mm
Dry Engine Weight – Approximate 750 kg
Length – Engine 1394 mm

Standard Equipment

  • Water-cooled turbocharger and exhaust manifold
  • Common Rail fuel system
  • Corrosion-resistant seawater aftercooler
  • Ventilation system for closed base
  • Starters – 12V or 24V
  • Fuel cooler
  • Integrated engine oil cooler
  • Vibration damper and protection
  • Electric fuel priming pump
  • V-belt alternator drive with self-tensioning
  • Gear driven seawater pump (rubber impeller)
  • Fin and tube engine jacket water heat exchanger
  • Front and rear engine mounting brackets

Equipment on Demand

  • Alternators – 24V 140A – 12V 175A
  • Transmission oil cooler (engine mounted)
  • Instrument panels
  • Incandescent glow plugs
  • Jacket water heater
  • 6 in. Water Cooled Exhaust Elbow
  • Shock absorbing supports
  • Water Separator/Primary Fuel Filter (Remote Mounted)
  • Selection of factory installed marine transmissions and oil hoses
  • Connections for cabin heater (heater)
  • Triple groove PTO pulley (mounted on crankshaft)
  • Flexible fuel lines
  • Oil level control dipsticks on the left and right side


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