ZF 45 A

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Product Specifications


Reduction Ratio: 2.034:1

Dry weight: 28 Kg/62 lb

Oil quantity: 2,5 ltr


For high performance applications. For unique reliability. To navigate at 100% of the possibilities. The ZF 45 A is a reverse reduction marine gearbox with hydraulically operated multi-plate clutches.

It is compatible with all types of engines and propulsion systems, including waterjets and propellers. Its application is particularly suitable for:


  • luxury sailing boats;
  • motor yachts;
  • fishing boats.


It has a lightweight and robust aluminium alloy case that allows it to resist sea water.

The gear teeth, cemented and ground with precision, guarantee long life and smooth operation.

Among the main advantages is the presence of a shaft thrust bearing, thanks to which it is possible to absorb the maximum forward and backward thrust of the propeller.

The hydraulic gear shift is smooth and reliable and its control lever is designed to allow push-pull cable attachment.

Its reliability is certified as its production, design and quality control standards comply with the ISO 9001 standard.

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